Steve Birstok

Manager, Software Engineering


A software engineer/web developer with experience in startup and enterprise.

I like to follow the AGILE development process.

I also utilize:


Web Development

Assertively apply modern best practices and coding standards.

Interface Design

Credibly streamline mission-critical values into functional / usable design.

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.


(including but not limited to...)

  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • PHP
  • GIT / SVN
  • OS X
  • Windows XP, Vista, 10 & .NET
  • Linux


NBCUniversal / Telemundo

Manager, Software Engineering

January 2023 - Present

• Managing large scale migration of articles, galleries, videos, and images into WordPress.
• Managing upgrading from WordPress 5.8.x to 6.1.x while maintaining support for various themes/plugins.

NBCUniversal / Telemundo

Senior Software Engineer

April 2018 - December 2022

• Assisted in migration over to WordPress and WPVIP. ( LINK: Read an article about this migration )
• Working with latest PHP ( 7.3.x, 7.4.x, 7.5.x, 8.0.x )
PHP Code Sniffer.
• Built pipelines using Travis-CI.
• Using various AWS Services: API Gateway, SNS, SQS, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB
• Wrote a plugin for WordPress that sends events to an SNS Topic which powers various other micro services.
• Deployed Production infrastructure using Pulumi..
• Deployed Production infrastructure using Terraform.
• Handled creating various feeds in: XML, RSS, MRSS, JSON.
• Assisted in integrations into various 3rd party services such as:
Apple News
Google Home
Apple TV

NBCUniversal / Telemundo

Software Engineer

November 2015 - April 2018

• Helped maintain backend system known as "Bridge" that migrates content to partners at Broadcast Interactive Media.
• Aided in the launch of 15 rebranded station sites.
• Maintained templates written using Apache Velocity.
• Extended core functionality for various station sites.
• Handled the upgrade of a deprecated Google AdMob SDK for Android L support

BPI Sports

Senior Developer

July 2013 - October 2015

• Handled migration of Laravel 3 application to Laravel 4
• Utilized Composer packages to code a dynamic system that powers multiple domains with a custom coded theme system. This allows the company to rapidly release new pages with powerful functionality and design.
• Coded site authentication with oAuth support for Facebook and Twitter.
• Coded a deal system that allows for dynamic coupon creations on-the-fly.
• Retargeting code for engaging users based on activity on the website.
• Handled MailChimp mailing list.
• MandrilApp integration.
• Helped re-brand multiple sites / sister companies.
• Military user authentication (via and discount system.

Web Services, LLC.

Senior Developer

Mid 2011 - June 2013

• Renovated an old voting platform from an outdated version of CodeIgniter / Bonfire to a modern PHP5 framework, Laravel. The project utilizes many industry standards such as: tags for better SEO, Twitter Bootstrap for styling, jQuery for javascript animations and popovers. (,
• Created back-end scrapers and front-end GUIs for various state data sites including: Broward County / Miami-Dade / Pasco County / Florida mugshots (, Florida Restaurant Inspections and Emergency Closings (, Florida Sex Offenders (, and many others. Of these, some included a hand-built RESTFUL API that powers mobile apps.
• Created a backend RESTFUL API for voting platform that allows secure transfer of JSON data between server and mobile app. This enabled features such as voting and registration from anywhere.
• iOS / Android apps for Voting Platform

E.M.B. Information System Corp.

Junior Developer

Late 2010 - Early 2011

• IIS installation, with MySQL support.
• Utilized IronRuby (a Ruby framework with .NET support) to create a cross-platform tool which read templates written in YAML and provided dialog-based applications for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web.

Artisian Designs

Lead Developer

Mid 2010

• Helped refresh client websites, bringing modern designs back where sites may have lost their "luster."
• Renovated a footwear company‚Äôs stock system providing a better link between their warehouse and online shopping cart.

Exploit Discovery

LastPass by LogMeIn

Denial of Service Exploit

CVE-2018-10193 ( | CVE-2018-10193 (VulnDB) | CVE-2018-10193 (

Other Recognitions

Hacker News


One of my old blog posts (no longer available) was front-page of (scroll down to #29.)


Broward College - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Computer Information Systems

DeVry University - Miramar, Florida

Computer Information Systems w/ a focus on Information Security

Steve Birstok — [email protected] — (954) 667-9863